Dissertation Consulting: How It Works

Dissertation Consulting and CoachingDissertation Consulting

Dr. Idleman will consult with you via phone calls, emails, and comments in your documents to help you produce the dissertation. Based on when Idleman & Associates enters the dissertation process (i.e., before you write one word or after you draft Chapter 5), dissertation consulting hours may range from 3 to 50 hours at $130/hour.

Dissertation Editing

Idleman & Associates conducts four types of dissertation copy editing:

  • Technical editing
  • Style editing
  • Correlation Editing
  • Substantive Editing

Working with a client early involves all types of editing at some point or another. A final document may include only technical, style, and correlation editing and averages $.05/word. Part of the consultation activities include substantive editing at $130.00/hr.

Dissertation Data Collection

Format questionnaires (1-2 hours at $130/hour)
Create online surveys (1-3 hours at $130/hour), manage email database (1-2 hours at $130/hour), and manage online collection with reminders (1-2 hours at $130/hour)

Dissertation Chapter 4

Data entry, $40/hour, based on your data needs
Data analysis…based on complexity of research questions, data, and statistical procedures…ranges from 1 to 6 hours at $130/hour.
Create tables and text to describe results of data analysis…according to complexity of research questions and number of tables, ranges from 6 to 15 hours at $130/hour.

The first draft of the qualitative Chapter 4 is the responsibility of the researcher. The researcher is in the best position to synthesize the data from interviews, focus groups, observations, and a review of archival documents.
Transcription, $40/hour, based on your data needs
As your dissertation consultant, Dr. Idleman can validate the themes you find in the research and help you find the best method to present those results. According to length of chapter and complexity of data collected…5 to 15 hours at $130/hour.