“I wanted the best person I could find to help me complete my Ph.D. in nursing, wherever that person might be located. Based on the recommendation of someone I trusted, I chose Lynda Idleman in Atlanta. Lynda was committed to this project as if it were her own. She is a bright, focused, thorough professional who was very creative and flexible with her time. Even though we never met face-to-face, it was a seamless process. Lynda was working with many people at one time but made me feel like her only client. She exceeded my expectations.”
Angelique Richard, Ph.D., University of Illinois, Chief Nursing Officer, Saint Francis Medical Center, Evanston, Illinois

“I had been working on my Ph.D. for 10 years and had received minimal help from my university committee or my chairperson. Then, I found out about Lynda’s service. The best way to describe my relationship with Lynda Idleman was fast and furious. She helped me pull the first three chapters together, as well as analyze the data and prepare the defense, in less than six months. Lynda was always prompt with her comments and suggestions. She was willing to spend many hours, late into the evening and often on weekends helping me meet deadlines. I am not a ‘detail person.’ Lynda could look for the details and keep in mind the big picture at the same time. I can honestly say that without her help I would not have finished.”
— Teresa Fugate, Ph.D., Oklahoma State University, Reading Recovery Teacher Leader

“I can speak from experience when I say you should see Lynda before writing Chapter 3, to save heartache and headache in writing Chapter 4. I recommend working with a statistician right from the start to help formulate the questions and set up the methodology.  Lynda Idleman not only has the capability to perform the statistical analysis but also the breadth of experience to ask the right questions at the right time.”
— Vince Eugenio, Ph.D., Senior Director of Talent and Organization Development, The Weather Channel, Atlanta, Georgia

“Thank you very much for your services.  You have been very helpful and extremely professional throughout this process.  I do not know what I would have done without your help!  As always, THANK YOU!”
— Reisha McKinney, Ph.D., Assistant Principal, Marietta, Georgia

“I consider Lynda a teacher, as well as a consultant, because I learned so much from the experience. It was like independent study with a statistician.”
— Trish Greene, Ph.D., Former Senior Vice President of Patient Services, Leukemia Society of America, New York, New York

“Thank you for all your wonderful assistance and great advice. You are such a phenomenal  resource!  You helped me brainstorm from the beginning to narrow my focus. Everything has been professional yet personal. I will forever be grateful for your quick turnaround and all that you’ve done to help this 4-year project become a reality.  Best wishes! You have my highest regard and respect!”
— Lynn Odom, Ph.D., Assistant Principal, Marietta, Georgia