Statistical Consulting Services

dissertation statistical consultingDissertation committees want students to study and figure things out, so they are often reluctant to just give you an answer, especially when it comes to statistics. However, most students have only had one semester of statistics, often early in their academic careers. This poses a conundrum; hence the need for an expert in statistics to support your dissertation effort.

We have analyzed research data for hundreds of clients and can perform virtually any conventional statistical analysis for you.

Our dissertation statistical consulting services cover four areas.

Area 1: Research Design

We assist you with the initial stages of your research design, including the development of dissertation research proposals, identifying statistical analyses that will address the questions you want to ask, and writing and editing the analysis section. We review the reliability and validity of your questionnaires or other data collection instruments. We can draft the methods and research sections of your paper in the appropriate format and help you address comments and questions concerning statistical methodologies and the interpretation of the findings.

Area 2: Dissertation Data Collection, Management, and Cleaning

We help you develop procedures for data collection and for maintaining quality control over the data collection. We clean data with methods for identifying outliers, addressing missing data, assessing reliability, and most importantly validating that the assumptions of the statistical procedures have been met.

Area 3: Dissertation Data Analysis

We are experienced in a wide variety of statistical techniques and can provide a personalized approach to analysis that meets your needs. You will get clear, written reports on the results generated.

Area 4: Interpretation of the Data for the Dissertation

Detailed statistical consulting will help you make sense of your findings and make sure you are drawing the correct conclusions in the final chapter of your dissertation.