How Dr. Idleman Guides You Through The Dissertation Process


Dissertation Consulting at every stageWe offer professional, personal, and reliable consultation services to doctoral level students, at all phases of the dissertation process, from topic development to final defense.

Whether you are attempting to determine your topic and approach, you are ready to conduct your analysis, or if all you need is a final edit, we can help.

With Idleman & Associates involved in the dissertation process, we will:

  • Make sure we fully understand the issue you are studying by reading all the material you provide, as well as any articles you suggest. Then we make suggestions on how to move forward.
  • Work on your quantitative or qualitative methodology. We assist you in the development of optimal sample strategy as well as the best methods of analysis for the data to be collected. We will also determine the appropriate sample size for your study and examine the reliability and validity of your constructs. This is an important part of your process and if it is not done correctly can cost you much in terms of time and money lost on delays.
  • Support you in the development of a draft of your dissertation proposal or concept paper to be submitted to your committee. Then we stay with you during the feedback process until your committee has blessed your proposal.
  • Provide guidance on the selection of instruments to collect your data, guide you in the collection of the data, and finally, provide expertise in the analysis of the data.
  • Have your dissertation professionally edited according to APA or other specific guidelines. Some schools have very particular guidelines regarding the format and we are familiar with the various standards. During the editing process, we will also offer intelligent suggestions on your content and style.
  • Support you through your committee review process and help you prepare for the defense of your completed dissertation.